Rangoli - Traditional Indian Art of Floor Painting

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Rangoli is an Indian traditional art of floor painting. It is done on any auspicious day like religious festivals, marriage or any ceremony. Rangoli is invitation to Laxmi - Goddess of wealth. It is traditionally done near entrance by house wives using powder of rice, turmeric, stone powder, artificial colours, natural colours etc. It is also done using grains and cereals, flowers and many other natural material.

Symbols used in Rangoli has its own significance and characteristic. When this different symbols come together a magical, spell bounding art piece is created. It is important to understand the secret of rangoli art. When different symbols come together it does not belittle the importance and beauty of the other symbol but every symbol enhances the beauty of one another. The beauty created as a result of togetherness of various symbols just steals the heart of not just the creator but also the beholder. Every symbol is bound to one another as if there is eternal bond between each of them.

Rangoli gives us a divine message. Every person has good quality. When every person's good quality come together a beautiful family is created. When beautiful families come together a beautiful community is created, different beautiful community gives rise to beautiful nation and this type of nation creates a beautiful, blissful world. Whole world is one big family.

Let us hold each others hand like the symbols in Rangoli and come together enhancing each others quality to create beautiful, blissful world like the Rangoli.